Mini Challenge JCW ex-Tanner #24 car for sale

Owned and run by BTC Racing in 2021, this Mini Challenge JCW was maintained to the highest standard, inspected and rebuilt after every 2021 race. The Quaife sequential gearbox and diff tested on a magnaflux and rebuilt after every race.

The Nitron Dampers were fully refurbished mid-season and dyno tested after every race weekend. Fitted with the later specification handbrake. A full new Damico engine was installed mid-season complete with a new turbo. A new radiator and intercooler package fitted and only 4 rounds old. Full 2021 mileages available.

Spares Package Available:

1x Low mileage Damico engine

1x Low mileage Owens turbo

4 x Spare wheels

1x Nitron Front damper pair

2x Nitron Rear damper pairs

1x Front caliper pair

2x Front disc bell pairs

Lightly used front and rear brakes

Full set of soft springs

Many various gearbox spares

Rear fitted Testing silencer

PAS Column and lower slide joint

Various other items


all enquiries Steve Dudman 07836 354634